I realised that I will have headache whenever I drink coca cola for a few days in a row.  Despite knowing the effect, I still drink it whenever I am stressed.  Coca Cola is my comfort food.  During my secondary school days, I drank coke everyday.  I don’t have headache then but it has contributed to lifelong obesity.  I knew then coke is not good for health but didn’t know it it will make me fat.  If somebody has told me earlier, I will not have to fight obesity my whole life.

I drank coke on Wed and Thurs.  On Fri morning, I woke up with a headache.   Luckily, I was on leave in the afternoon.  After a long relaxing walk in the afternoon, my headache is cured.  Personally, I find taking long walk is more effective to cure my headache then panadol.  Sometimes, I still have to rely on panadol becos I can’t possibly be taking walks during office hour.  Headache, enough to make you feel miserable but not sick enough to take sick leave.


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