God loves violence

The title is a quote from the movie “Shutter Islands”.

Evidence :

Exhibit 1 : the earthquake in China

Exhibit2 : the volcano erruption in Irealand

Death, chaos are the result of Exhibits 1 and 2.

For those man-made disasters, people blame it on free will of men, Satan etc.  But isn’t Satan a creation of god ?  Why does he create Satan.  To instil fear in mortals so that we will kowtow to God ?  Why create an apple and tell someone not to eat it ? 

Why is it acceptable for him to cause so much misery in this world but we, all creatures created with intentional flaw, unforgiveable for our deeds unless we bow to him ? 

If his love is so unconditional, why are there so many conditions ?  I have asked these questions but nobody can answer it.  If you are unable to answer it, please do not market his love as unconditional.


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