Midnight / obsession

I felt alive at midnight, when it is the time I should go to bed.  Not good for health but I can’t help it.

I am so obsessed with Chris Colfer. It’s has been a long time that I like an actor so much.  I only found actors attractive when they can act, and Chris sure can act.  I can’t wait for Season 3 to start.

I just want Chris and Kurt to be happy.  Er, while I like Kurt + Blaine as a couple but to me Blaine is replaceable.  Kurt is not.  If Kurt is no longer in Glee, I won’t be following the show.  I have watched lots of youtubes of Glee before actually following the show.  Even when I have no ideas of the charactors, I always find Chris/Kurt (don’t know the actor’s real name and the name in the show then) intriguing.

I started following Season 2 casually on TV.  After becoming obsessed with Kurt.,I started watching Season 1.  It is fun to see him transforming from a cute little boy to a sexy young hot guy.


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