The Quarterback

I did not watch Glee Season 5 Episodes 1 and 2. I strongly resent how Glee treat Kurt Hummel lately. The reunion and proposal were handled so badly with very little insight of Kurt.

I watched Episode 3 for the tribute for Cory/ Finn. The writers do remember how to write a good story when they want to. Kurt provided the backbone for the various storylines.

The show opened with Seasons of Love. So refreshing to be able to hear the various different voices of the actual cast, especially Kurt.

It started with Kurt’s voiceover on people should remember how Finn lived than how he died and he is going to miss his brother his entire life.

The Hudmel family scene is very heartbreaking. You felt for Carol who has lost for her husband. Kurt smelling Finn’s jacket sent us back in time when Kurt told Finn how he used to go to Burt’s room, opened the cupboard and lied on the floor smelling his mum’s perfume.

I really wished that Kurt is the one singing I’ll stand by you. But I understand that they try to incorporate the old cast to the show. So I won’t resent that Mercedes is singing the song instead.

It is a full circle moment for Kurt and Puck at the dumpster. Puck used to throw Kurt into the dumpster everyday. When Puck insulted Kurt and rudely demanded the jacket, Kurt stood firm and fiercely told Puck no. How I miss this sassy Kurt.

Kurt was again a rock for consoling Santana who was consumed by guilt.

Glee, when done right, can be very right. I like the powerful message when Bieste told Puck to have a good line.

Rachel’s scene was heartbreaking. Tina and Mike were holding hands again. Why do they turn her into a bitch ? I used to love Tina.

Will felt like a teacher again. And I love the last scene of Will and Emma at the end.

This felt like the earlier seasons of Glee. Such a pity we only got that at the expense of death. Chris Colfer finally got to show what a talented actor he is after being under utilised in Season 4 and most likely Season 5. How can I be joyful over a Kurt’s heavy episode when I only got it at Cory’s death.

Glee, what is wrong with you. You marginalise a talented actor like Cory when he is alived. Are you going to repeat the mistake by sidelining the talented Chris Colfer ? You send us the message to celebrate life. So please focus on the actors that can act.

Let me love Glee again.


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