Rain and random thoughts

It is raining and I can’t jog at the moment.

Never have I been so committed to vote for an actor in a popularity poll. I thought last year was insane but this year was even crazier. Chris Colfer, the thing I do for you.

This season of glee, we have shirtless Kurt, Kurt singing into the Groove with Elliot. Last episode was such such a good episode to lust over Kurt. Kurt flirting with Santa. Kurt kissing Santa. Kurt tied up… It is like those fan fictions and fan art being crystallised on screen.

I can never enjoy Kurt and Glee in his/its entirety anymore and I will just enjoy Kurt as long as he doesn’t have that excess baggage that weighted him down.

I can’t wait for Glee to be over so that Chris can really spear his multi-pronged career. I can’t wait for him to get away from that toxic “fans” who are constantly harassing him.

My headache is back. Been on panadols. To get away from the stress in the office and to ease from the headache, I walked a lot during lunchtime. I should walk more.

I can’t sleep at night and then I was sleep-deprived in the morning. It is a viscous cycle for the past two weeks. And then, I compensated by sleeping excessively during weekends. That is why I bought one Christmas gift only. I bought the wrapper and accessories for gift but not the actual gift. What to buy for people ? What they want, I can’t afford. What I can afford, they don’t need it.



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