World Cup

Another World Cup is over.

Italia is out at the first round. Sad but it wasn’t the devastation I felt in 1990 and 1994. I have learnt to protect my heart. Also, I am contented they won it in 2006.

France, Italy and Spain couldn’t pass the first round after they won the World Cup.

A lot of shocking result : Spain 1 Holland 5, Germany 4 Portugal 0 and the shocker of all shockers Germany 7 Brazil 1. It was pretty sad when a long time detractor like me feel bad for them. So heartbreaking to see the shock faces, especially the children crying. It was so shocking to see them let in 5 goals within 30 mins.

I have never like Brazil because of how the press praised them to the sky and their bandwagon fans. But I no longer have that kind of resentment this year. I don’t want them to spent all the money for nothing. Also, they seemed to be very gracious people.

I have rooted for Italy since I watch World Cup. My love for them will never change. However for the other teams, my feelings towards them flipped flopped a lot. In 1990, I rooted for Germany because I was so angry Argentina scraped their way to the finals (especially after they beat Italy in penalties). But since then, I disliked the robotic Germany and was rooting for Argentina. I wish Argentina won this year but I know the German would win. However, I do not begrudge Germany their well deserved victory. They are truly the best and strongest team this year.

The first World Cup I ever watched was 1986 when Maradonna won the World Cup for Argentina. I am sorry, Messi is not Maradonna. It was really an unfair burden on Messi to shoulder the team in tighter and faster football matches. I do hope to see Argentina winning again.

I also hope that Holland would win the word cup one day.


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