There were two significant events in 1989.

4 June 1989 : Tiananmen. The revolution is not over. History is repeating itself today. The Hong Kong students are still occupying the streets. 25 years ago, I was 100% on the Beijing students’ side. Now, I am not so sure about the current Hong Kong situation. Mixed feelings of not my problem, part supporting the students in ideology and part feeling bad for the people whose livelihood are affected by the standstill.

9 Nov 1989 : Berlin Wall collapsed. I had not travelled out of my country in 1989, no CNN nor internet. When I saw people hand in hand standing on the Berlin Wall on TV, it was such a huge impact on me and I still remembered being elated. It still moved me whenever I came across photos or news about Berlin Wall.

Fast forward 25 years, daily grinding work has taken my soul. I am not able to feel angry, happy over current events that take place in other places. I know there are some subconscious feelings buried in the conscious numbness, I am just too tired to dig them out.


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