Beyond the Kingdoms

Some random thoughts about the Land of Stories IV :

The preceding fairy godmother may be the ‘good’ guy but the way she handled her son and the enchantress resulted in huge hatred and bitter resentment. I don’t like that she punished her son over intention rather than action, it is too minority report to me. 

Glad to see the stepmother and stepsisters adjusting well in this world. Would love to visit the diner. 

Alex losing control of her emotion & magic resonates with my recent out of control outbursts. 

Glad to know that my theories for the Mask Man & Emmerich are correct. 

Not a fan of the fairy council. Too elitist. 

The evil villains at the end of the chapter is cool. 

I love the theory that we are all characters in god’s books. I often felt that we are just reality TV players in this reality TV show called real life, which is solely for the amusement of God. 

Froggy is a nice guy, but I hope that there is more fire inside of him. 

I love how the portals work. 

Glad I don’t have to wait 9 years to find out the outcome of the cliffhanger. 


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