Survivor 2nd Chance

Stephen Fishbach was voted out and I am sad.  The season has ended for me. I will continue watching but I don’t really care who win.

I started out watching the show more as a Spencer’s and Woo’s fan because I really like Survivor Cagayan.

I like Stephen Fishbach because I enjoy his podcast with Rob. I have never really watch Stephen played before because I was having Survivor’s fatigue then.

As the season continue, my support of Spencer started to wither. It started with Kass & Spencer voting out of Woo. I was sad for Woo because he seemed to have a lot of hate from the ‘super fans’ because he wasn’t strategic enough. But I wasn’t mad with Kass & Spencer until they are showing off their text messages with Trish gloating over voting Woo off.  From a strategic point, I don’t blame them voting Woo out  but I just find it classless of them gloating especially when Woo has never bad mouthed them in public.

As the season goes, I start to root for Stephen more. It started with his edit of being helpless in the environmental aspect, which made me endear to him. Then, the footage of him crying about his mistake in S18 was so soul bearing and heartwrenching that made me from his casual fan to rooting for him despite knowing that he will not win.

The last two episodes were so difficult to watch. Despite the body breaking down and the heavy rain, he didn’t give up and still continue to play the game hard. Perhaps, he was bearing his soul for all of us to see, he become my favourite. I am not very happy with Spencer voting out Stephen. I just find it hard to root for Spencer anymore.

It is more enjoyable to watch Survivor when you already know the outcome or you don’t really care deeply about the players. I have many dissapoinments in Survivor before, but I am still not immune to being sad when my favourites are voted off.

The players I like are either strategic players such as Boston Rob or Tony Vachlos or Stephen Fishbach or ‘clueless’ players such as Bobby Jon or Woo. I don’t really care about ‘heroes’ such as Colby, Joe, Tom etc. I seemed to support players that are not well like in the  Survivor community. Time to detach myself from Survivor again.


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