2016 TVs, Movies, Concert..

Jan : Dr Who, Sherlock

Feb : 美人魚

Mar : 公公出宮

Apr : 名門暗戰, 寒山潛龍, Better Call Saul

May : 大太監, Survivor 32, 2 Broke Girls, Big Bang Theory

Jun : Germany vs N Ireland (1-0), Austria vs Iceland (0-2), Wales vs N Ireland (1-0), Italy vs Spain (2-0); 葉問3,我的少女時代,Peanuts

July : Game of Thrones S6, Portugal – Poland (1-1; penalty kick 5-4), Danish Girl, Sisters, The Chorus,NDP Preview

Aug : 太陽的後裔,Just Rock It !

Oct : 一屋老友記, ghostbusters 2016

Dec : 相約星期二, Me Before You, 你的名字, Bridgett Jones diary, Dr Who Christmas Special, Survivor S33


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