Piano Tiles 2

I don’t remember when and why I downloaded Piano Tiles 2. My modus operandi towards game apps is usually to ignore them. 

Perhaps, it came from the part that was buried deep in my heart that I do not have the opportunity to learn musical instruments in my childhood/youth. The only instruments I can afford are harmonica and recorder.  I admired the piano at neighbour’s house but know that I cannot afford it. It was neither jealousy, envy nor resentment, but a longing to learn to play beautiful music. 

Piano tiles provide the illusion that I can play piano music even though I am consciously aware that I am just hitting my iPhone’s screen.  It also bring a lot of nostalgic feeling when it is music I used to play during harmonica class, or music I heard from the TVs. 

Great fun but also hurtful to the eyes and fingers. 


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