I have developed the habit of writing weekly diary since 2002.  It started because I need an outlet to vent my anxiety, frustration and worries. 

Now, it became a record of my mundane daily life. I seldom read my own diary because my handwriting was quite horrible and for most days, they were quite repetitive. But I still continue because i noticed that for some days, my mind was a blank on what happened that day. I just want to record what I did on that day, be it walking, jogging, gathering with friends etc, so that I don’t feel like my life is a blank.  

I also have travel diary so that I remember more details of my holidays rather than bits and pieces of the vacation. 

For my first half of my life, I don’t have proper records of what I did. I have some memories of significant events, but memories can be distorted. 

It was ironic that before the rise of blogging, Instagram  etc, I have no desire of writing diary. Now that I have so many platforms to post my thoughts, photos , I wrote diary the old school way. 

Thank goodness for smartphone, because i would have more blank days without photos to recollect what I did. I have lots of 斷片 moments in recent years. 

By the way, caught 142 Pokemon 😀. Just have to record it, by diary,blogging, Instagram. 


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