Clutters and random stuff

Cleared some clutters in recent months. Get rid of exercise machines that I no longer use. Reluctantly threw away my 20 year old TV. The room looks less messy. Need to rearrange some stuff but all plans on hold because of back injury. 

Enjoyed Survivor 33 and Adam is a well deserved winner. Reality can sometime be more scripted by a higher being than reelity. Such a pity his mum is not able to witness him winning but at least he got to see her before she passed away.

My mind is very chaotic.  My cluttered mind is preventing me from working efficiently. It is worrying as there are still so much work to be done with one week of 2016 left. Too many nitty gritty stuff and deadline occupied my mind and I don’t have enough space left to think about US election result, Berlin attacks. There were so many terrorist attacks this year that I sort of merge them altogether to form distorted memory.

All the worries are the reason why I still play Pokemon. While walking and catching, I zoned out and manage not to think about work, family etc. 


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