Survivor (contained spoilers)

I watched Survivor actively till Season 12 on TV in the early 2000s. Then, I stop watching because the show was becoming old. Also, a bit down then because my favourite such as Rob Mariano, Matt (S6), Bobby Jon never win. 

I remembered watching first episode of S13, then stop watching because there wasn’t anyone in the Asian tribe that represented me. I didn’t hate the show, it just that I have reality TV fatigue then.  

 I tried to get into the show again on Survivor China but never have the interest to watch beyond one episode. I vaguely remember watching a bit of Tocantins because I recalled all the ridiculous Coach’s tales and also feeling bad for the zero votes’ runner up. Never would I know that I would be listening to Stephen Fishbach’ weekly podcast with Rob C now. I remember feeling impressed that Russel Hantz found an idol without clue on premier of S19 but never watch beyond it. 

Was excited about Heroes vs Villians because I knew Rob Mariano and Sandra were playing. These were the two I was rooting. I knew a few of the heroes such as Tom, Colby, Rupert whom I dislike. Neutral to Jerrie, Cirie and Stephanie. The rest of them, I have not watch their complete seasons. I stop watching when Rob was voted off. Even though I was happy that Sandra won, I just didn’t have the desire to watch it. So, till now, I have only watch the pre-merger episodes of HvV. 

After HvV, I stop caring about Survivor for many years. Even when Rob M won in S22, I did not went back to watch the show. 

Thanks to advance of smart phone and tablets, I suddenly turn back to watching reality TV again. My sis raved about Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty and how a cop won a season in a villainous way. I watched the final episode without context and thought that Woo would win. 

Then, I started watching Survivor 29 ‘live’. I like it enough to go back to watch S28. What a wonderful season with colourful characters.  I came to love Tony Vlachos, Woo, Spencer and even Kass.  This season and Tony Vlachos are the reason I love Survivor again. I went back to watch S27, s26 and s25, and have watch every season after season 28. 

Was excited to vote some of my favourite back to S31 Second Chance. Voted for those that I watch from S25 onwards and those that I watch before season 12. For the dark age between S13-S24, I voted for Stephen Fishbach because of the podcast and also Peih Gee because the survivor crowd seem to like her. 

Now, I am watching S34. Was very upset that Tony was out. Although I like Malcolm and feel for him, wasn’t very sad when he was out. Love Sandra and was never one of those detractors that think she doesn’t deserve to win. However, doesn’t really like her arrogance when she was in power. She has a respectable vote off. Still think the winners should stick together. Also, don’t dislike JT even all his risky moves were too reckless. 

While watching S34, decided to watch Season 13, Cook Islands because I want to see how Yul win and also to see what is on the fuss about Ozzy. I binge watched it and really love the Aitu 4. It took me 11 years, but I finally went back to watch the season that I stop watching.  No regrets. 

I totally expected myself to be rooting for Yul but in the end, Ozzy is the one that I love. My head said that Yul won deservely, but my heart really want Ozzy to win. 


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