Contained spoilers

Started watching Survivor 2 or 3 years back. If I go to any message board or listen to Rob has a Podcast, I kept coming across Ozzy’s name. Most of the messages has negative tone to it. 
When Survivor 34 was announced, heard a lot of people are not happy that Ozzy was coming back. So, I have expected to dislike him even though I have not watch any of his past 3 seasons. 

When Tony was voted out earlier, I was so sad because I don’t have anybody to root for. I like Malcolm, Sandra, Aubry, Tai, Varner but they are not someone that I deeply care. To immune myself from the pain of Tony being voted off and also to escape from work life pain, I binge watched Survivor Cook Islands because I always wanted to know how Yul won. 

To my surprise, I actually am rooting for Ozzy. The loner from the underdog Aitu 4. Winning challenges in style. Unlike Yul who is always positive, Ozzy has a dark side. Throwing the challenge to get rid of Billy Garcia, outbursts on the mutiny, not sharing food with Candice etc, all this make him an interesting human being. My head knew Yul deserved to win, my heart really was rooting for Ozzy. 

Many contestants said that he is a loner, which made him more endearing to me. I’m a loner with lousy social skill and keep seeing people surpass me because I work hard but I don’t know how to sweet talk.  The super duper fans who kept downplaying survivor/physical aspect of the game really irked me. 

Ozzy was so young and good looking then. Fast forward 11 years, he has a worn out look. However, he is still good looking. He was under editted but they can’t edit out his brilliance in challenges. I knew he won’t last long and I worried for him, but this does not stop me from supporting him.


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