1/3 of the year has passed and I am still stuck in a rut. 

I want to live my life for myself but I can’t. 

Many restless night that resulted in fatigue. 

Work life is so soul sucking. Felt like every email is a dementor. 

The thought of going back to office is so dreadful.

This is my blog, I don’t have to pretend to be happy or be positive when I can’t. 

Dislike positive police who is so smug in their positivity. 

Also, don’t like social justice warriors who is always looking for ways to be offended and so unforgiving for other people’s mistake. 

I want to exercise but all I do is lying on my bed surfing nets after work. 

Even Pokemon doesn’t excite me anymore. 

All my unhappiness can be point to work but money from work is my only escape route from unhappiness from work. 

Need to do one meaningful thing in the remaining 2/3 of the year. 


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