More than a week has passed, I still feel sad that he was voted off. But he looks stunning as a jury member. Also, gleeful that there ghoul was voted off. Karma is a bitch. 

I love Survivor but I will never be part of the fandom. I don’t like the elitism and entitlement of the super fans. The way they scorned at Ozzy, who rely on physical strength and survival skills rather than strategic mind was very unsettling for me. If Survivor is just about strategy, I would just see people sitting in their comfort in Big Brother. 

The way the fans put Cirie and Malcolm on a pedestal while scoffing at Ozzy was such a turn off. I actually watched Cirie played in Survivor Panama and Malcolm played in Survivor Philippines and Caromoan before I watch any of Ozzy’s seasons. So I should be more of a Cirie’s and Malcolm’s fan rather than Ozzy’s fan. Instead I became an Ozzy’s fan. There is something mystic about Ozzy, who live in his world, that is endearing to me. 

I like Malcolm but saying Malcolm is better than Ozzy is a stretch. In their first seasons, Ozzy manage to win immunities when necessary to go to the finals. Malcolm has a chance but screwed up when Denise knew that he was not with her for final 3 and made a final 3 deal with Lisa & Mike. He couldn’t win immunity even with the advantages. Also, Malcolm lost challenges in Matsing and Mana. Ozzy helped Aitu 4 significantly to beat Raro and helped Tavua to be strong. You may say that Malcolm was screwed by JT in Season 34 but served him right for siding with a player who like to snitch to opponents.  In addition, if he align with Tony, he might still be in the game because he is not the  biggest target. 

For Cirie, I was neutral towards her in Season 10.  I didn’t adore her like the rest of  the super fans.  I find her condescending when voting off Yau Man. Don’t remember anything about her in HvV. She threw a hissy fit at Ozzy for requesting her to row a boat to the sea and now I must celebrate that she is capable to cross a balance beam. 🙄

Need to vent because really hate all the criticism on Ozzy. I am also diliking Rob C constantly brushing physical players off. 

I do like strategic players such as Rob M whom I love since Season 4 and Tony. Tony is such a joy to watch. But I also like players such as Woo and Bobby Jon. Survivor is not just about gamebot. 


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