I used to jog but has gradually stopped this year because every time I jog, my knee started feeling pain. 

So I walk everyday as my only form of exercise. However, my right kneecap that has niggling pains for many years, finally violently protested. I was limping with an umbrella as a crutch.  Have to rely on muscle relaxer to release the pain. 

Also,  need to rest my legs. I can’t walk too much, can’t go Pokémon hunting. For two days, I lied on my bed and binged watch HK TV dramas nonstop. 

Despite the leg problem, I do enjoy able to laze around without guilt, not going to work and entertaining myself with mindless TVs. 

My knee is still painful. I used to walk to all the neighbourhood for Pokémon raid, now I can only go to the nearest Pokemon gym for raid or forfeit the daily raid pass. 

Hope to be able to walk normally again. I still wish to enjoy holidays, zenning out while walking away my problems and keeping myself fit. 


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