Have a very strange dream.

I was at someone’s house celebrating someone’s birthday. Can’t remember whose birthday. 

After that, decided to go to school together with my friends (can’t recall who) but went back home with the schoolbags to reduce the load of the bag.

I told  a schoolmate that the two trees outside my window fell on different days. 

Reach my house, a very old school flat . My apartment was at level 23. I have to climb a vertical ladder to reach my house. Two people were blocking my way and I have to ask them to not block the way. After that, I realised I was at the wrong floor because I pressed the button of the lift to level 33. 

I have put aside my schoolbag at one corner to climb the vertical ladder. (Even in my dream, I knew this defeated the purpose of coming home.) Also during the climb, I was wondering how I  climbed the ladder a few weeks ago when in real life,  i have  to walk  with walking stick because of severe knee pain. 

I took the lift again in order to go to level 23, without taking my bag. There were many people in the lift. And the lift went to beyond 100th floor.  I was quite mad because the lift have to go back to many floors before reaching level 23. 

And then, it got worse. The lift suddenly have no access to level 23 and went all the way to ground floor. 

When the lift open, it was nighttime and I have no idea where I was. I was worried that my friends were waiting for me and also worried that someone would steal my school bag, which have my phone, money, etc. 

Trying to go back to my house, I walked panicky looking for familiar places. Somehow, I found a French diner, which reminded me of the restaurant that I went with my friends in Paris a few years back in real life. But yet the surrounding looks more like Taiwan.  

While trying to go back to the right place, I wake up. 

It wasn’t a dream within a dream ala inception. At no point during the dream I knew I was dreaming. All the feelings and emotions were real.  Even in my dream, I was helpless and feeling unhappy because nothing went right. 

The only thing great about the dream was my knee wasn’t hurting. 


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