2018 Purchase

Jan : IKEA box, shampoo, Vit C, Daiso boxes, insta noodles

Feb : snoopy slippers, sport bra

March : Recogen, Muji instant noodles

Apr : bodyshop moisturiser, iPhone x

May : Recogen

Jun : Synvisc injection, eye check up, intensed pulse light + laser, spectacles, iPhone battery replacement, Ecco shoes, Decathon tshirt

July : socks, iPhone screen protector, aloe Vera moisturiser, scar treatment cream, maybelline foundation, cleansing wipes, shampoo, masks

Aug : phone covers, screen protectors, xiaomi battery, foldable desk, tote bag, belt, body shop tea tree oils, wipes, cotton, eye cream, sun screen

Sep : hydration moisturiser, shampoo, hair treatment lotion, cetaPhil body wash and lotion

Oct : pants; calculator; 香橙一夜乾;走路的人,林夕同塵, 就是喜歡

Nov : two blouses, Apple Watch

Dec : iTunes card, google play card, ez link card, muji boxes, magnets; kinokuniya cable bites; daiso’ passport holders; stay Real bag, stepping stone’s bag + stickers + pen + masking tape, Star Cup


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