Every weekend,

I want to wake up after 9 am, but nowadays I usually awake at around 7am and start surfing net. Then I felt that I didn’t sleep well by 9 am.

I want to read book, but seldom pick up the book to read.

I want to binge watch shows, but I am so lazy I don’t even want to click on it.

I want to clean my room but I keep procrastinating about it.

I want to stretch more, but the most common pose I do is corpse pose.

I want to eat healthily but I end up eating titbits and junk food.

I want to explore more places but I settle for familiar shopping mall.

Then, I tell myself to do something different the next weekend.

At this moment on a Sunday afternoon, I am neither stretching, reading, cleaning but lying on my bed not sleeping….


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