Chaos Theory

Probably the first time I read about chaos theory was from Michael Crichton’s novel. I was very impressed then because no matter how the butterfly flaps it’s wings, life still go on and it doesn’t affect me.

WRONG. I try to ignore everything about the current USA president and all the international turmoil that he brings. I am selfish, I just don’t care over things that is beyond my control. I am not American and I didn’t choose that 人渣 to be president.

However, whenever that rascal points his finger over whichever country that he is mad at the moment, the whole world has to follow where his tiny finger points. Because of him, we have more form to ask customers to declare that they have no dealing with certain countries which offended that tiny small man.

I am getting more and more turn off by USA style of democracy. Go around telling other countries about human right, but yet allow anybody to buy a gun, a weapon designs to kill. And we have to be emphatic of mental health problem whenever white boys went around mass killing. In the meantime, three black men were handcuffed because they did not order anything in Starbucks.

I am neither rightist, leftist, conservative, liberal and those branding. I am just an individual who is sick that a tiny man in a superpower affecting my working life so much.

My rant after sick from overwork from too many deadlines because of international events.

Social justice warrior and grammar nazi, you are not welcome.


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