Half a year just flew by

Half a year has gone. Decided to take a break from work on last week of June.

Decided to take care of myself.

Before the ‘vacation’, went for a dental checkup. Didn’t realise I haven’t went for a checkup for 4 years.

Went for a 2nd opinion for my knee and have an expensive injection. Still painful after walking too much but I can climb stairs 🙂 Hopefully the injection works fully as I learnt that the benefit should be felt after 4 weeks.

Have checkup on my eyes. The last checkup was a decade ago. Luckily, no major problem 🙂 Made a new spectacles.

Finally, decided to take care of the hyper pigmentation of my face. Hope it works 💸💸

I also replaced the battery on my iPhone. Really worth the $38 as the battery was draining very fast prior to the replacement.

Also bought a pair of shoes as the current working shoes are more than 5 years.

Spent so much money just in the month of June. But, 💸💸💸💸💸is for my health and personal grooming. I should not neglect myself.


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