World Cup 2018

Italy didn’t make it to Russia. I wasn’t keeping track like previous tournaments.

I couldn’t remember which country is in which group. I can’t remember which countries are playing on which day, and after I watched the match, I forget most of the match.

Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable World Cup. Love the passion of the footballers who care.

Some of the match I remember:

Mexico 1 Germany 0

S Korea 2 Germany 0 (2 goals in the last few minutes that sent Germany home and Mexico to 2nd round)

Germany 2 Sweden 1 <Sweden would have won if they do not park the bus in the second half>

France 4 Argentina 3 (Argentina was leading 2-1 after halftime, but the better team won. The spinning goal from Pavard was like from Shaolin Soccer).

Uruguay 2 Portugal 1 ( Cavani !! He reminded me of Canniggia)

England 6 Panama 1 (the joyous celebration of Panama for their 1st World Cup goal; also Harry Kane)

France 2 Australia <1st time penalty given via VAR, 2nd goal was via goal line technology>


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