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YOG (14-26 Aug 10)

I have decided to put aside my ususal cynicsm to enjoy the YOG.  It is good to see the young ones enjoying themselves.  The faces of innocence, the youthful spirit bring back memories of my long lost youth.   The pure happiness of enjoying sport, not tainted by fame, sponsorship, wealth yet.   So nice.


Memories of World Cup 2010

– Paul the Octopus’ 8/8 correct predictions; viva la Octopus ! He wrote the future better then any of the featured stars of the Nike’s “Write the future” ad. Every stars in the Nike ad went out early. They featured an Robinho ad during Holland vs Brazil and Brazil was immediately knocked out.

– Since I started watching world cup in 1986, I have seen Italy knocked out in the 2nd round (1986, 2002), semi final (1990, most heartbreaking), runner-up (1994), quarter-finalist (1998) and World cup holder (2006). This is the first time I’ve seen them departed at the first round. In fact, I couldn’t bare to watch the matches whenever their oponents scored. Nevertheless, 4 years ago, if somebody told Italy that in exchange for the world cup, your next tournament will be a dissapointment, I believe they would take it. I will definitely take it. With the passage of time, I hope people will remember Lippi and company for their achievement in 2006 and forget 2010.

– France was really entertaining for all the squabble ; it really brightened up the rather boring 1st round matches which usually ended with 1-0, o-o or 1-1 scores.

– This is the first time a host country, the 2 finalist of the previous world cup did not make it pass the first round.

– I will remember Honda driving Japan to 2nd round.

– I have more respect for S Korea’s 2nd round exit than their 2002 semi-final.

– After hearing so much of N Korea 1966, we finally get to see N Korea 2010. Quite painful to see them lose 7-0 to Portugal. If Portugal can only score 7 goals in the entire tournament, they used up all their quota in that match.

– After a low scoring and dull first round, the matches got better in the knock-up phase.

– I love the Maradona’s led Argentina. In 1986, I adore Maradona. In 1990, I hate him and Argentina for kicking Italy out by penalty shootout. In 1994, I like him again. I feel lucky that I have watched Maradona at his prime. I don’t think we will be able to see another football superstar like him again. I feel the joy he bring to Argentina’ football and enjoy all their matches in 2010. I saw glimpse of Messi’s talent and wish to see more of it.

– Holland came from behind to beat Brazil. Yeah ! Because of this, I was rooting for the Oranje in the final.

– Uruguay really surprised me. Diego Forlan’s free kicks are really superb and he deserved the Golden Ball award. The last few minutes of Uruagy-Ghana is really intensed reality TV. Unlike all the moral police, I don’t have a problem with Suarez’s handball. He was punished and Ghana was awarded a penalty. Ghana’s fate was from heaven to hell while Uruary’s was from hell to heaven in minutes. This is football, this is life. In the injury time against Holland when Uruguay was 3-1 down, they were still trying to crawl back by scoring a goal and still trying to equalised. Their 3rd placing match against Germany is very enjoyable. Forlan is inches away from scoring another goal at the last second.

– German team proove that youth is the most valuable asset. I used to dislike the German team in the 90s in view of their robotic football but my view has gradually changed since 2002. Their demolition of England/Argentina was entertaining even though I wasn’t rooting for them.

– Loew is charming while Maradona is charismatic. The Japan coach looked like a stressed-out management.

– I felt for Holland’s 3rd defeat in a final. The players really want it.

– I prefer Spain when they are underachieving and choking. They bored me to death in 2010. Why is their 1-0 hailed as beautiful whilst Italy was labelled as anti-football ? All the possesion to ensure the other team does not score (and couldn’t score themselves) is just a slightly different version of catenaccio. At least in catenacio, you have to score first before you defend.

– First time an European country win outside Europe.

– A team that lost the first match won the cup.

– A new country win the world cup.

– No more Vuvuzela, please.

Edited : How can I forget Lampard’s disallowed goal that clearly crossed the line ? It will be talked about for the next 44 years.

Arrivederci Italia 2010, forza Azzurri 2014

arrivederci, Italy. It takes 24 years to win another world cup but only 4 years to go down hill. That’s football.

The press will gleefully lynch you but I will continue to root for Italia.

Forza Azzurri 2014 !

World cup 2010

Feeling miserable right now. Italy is one goal down.

It is the most suffering world cup so far in my life. I couldn’t take leave. I have difficulty falling asleep in order to catch the 2.30 am match. I am sick, having bodyache, cough, running nose.

I thought I could be detached after seeing Italia won the cup in 2006, but I am still frustrated seeing them losing. The same old Italia that made me suffer for much of my life.

Nevertheless, forza Italia !

Edited : result 1:1



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May : fade cream, 忘記他(往事如真2.0),毫無代價唱最幸福的歌,鹿鼎記(2nd edition), 神雕俠侶(2nd edition), 我的美麗日記, blue moutain, avene sunblock, sandals x 2, deuter pouch, sport bra

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Jan :我愛故我在

Feb : , 52號的殺氣 人淡如菊,愛情只不過古老傳説

Mar :神雕俠侶, 女神, 往事如真

Apr: 值得,就算天空再深

May : 人情,世故, 毫無代價唱最幸福的歌

Jul : 開開心心又一天

Aug : Road less travelled, 字裏人生

Sep : 戀之風景. 愛在joyce的日子裏,德芬郡奶油 

Oct : 最錯就是愛上你, 她成功了,我沒有,要多美麗,又多美麗,悄悄的一線光,  靈心, 愛情慢慢殺死你,不二心,漫長迂迴的路

Nov:冰蠶 ,先吃甜品

Dec : 那一天,我對你說 , 你的素心 ,  知情,識趣, 十種矛盾的快樂


Jan:Sherlock Holmes

Feb : Alice In Wonderland

Apr : Shutter Island

Jun : 業問二

July : Inception

Sep : Wall Street, Money never sleep

Nov : Harry Potter, The kids are alright, Grown up

Dec : Social Network


Jan : 光陰的故事


May :Amazing Race, Survivor

Aug : 歲月神偷,每當變幻時 (DVDs)

Sep : 情人眼裏高一d


Mar : Duo

Apr : D.N.A

May : Alan/Hacken

Jun : Mayday

Aug :YOG (Diving, football)

Sep : Duo,  三大難高音

Dec :陳小霞



電腦換了幾個,擁有了上世紀不普及的手機,不存在的MP3,MP4,淘汰了walkman。 Youtube 是我主要娛樂。當年必須到牛車水買港報, 現在庸才不出門,上網也能知天下事。 當年在没丰富娛樂選擇的年代,讀了金庸,倪匡的小説,帶給我了很多樂趣。現今,很難了。

十年之前的更久之前,我很喜歡喜歡周星馳,對他的評論,票房,非常的耿耿于懷。現在已經學會抽離,不把偶像當自己宇宙的全部。 但我還是默默支持他,雖然他被万箭穿心,而且也永遠不會知道我的存在。現在,我很欣賞陳亦迅,五月天,林宥嘉,玄彬,但已經沒有以前那種沉迷的熱情。