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Bye bye 2012

Bye bye 2012. It is a tough year with relocation of office. Too much changes in workplace. However, I am still happy because I got to have wonderful holidays, I enjoy concerts by Lady GaGa, Mayday, Yoga.

Most importantly, I got to read Land of Stories, Struck by Lightning and watch Struck by Lightning. Being a Chris Colfer’s fan is fabulous. Even suffering through Glee just to see Kurt Hummel is good.


2012 Books

Jan : 喜樂在人間, 我不是完美小孩, 我答應你, 杏林里的一片葉

Feb : Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, 櫻唇

Mar : 南星客, 關於歲月的隱秘情事, 偷窺,印度墨

Apr : 君還記得我否, 變形記, Nicholas and the gang, 嘆息橋

May : 細味人生100篇, 紅塵, 深夜食堂

June : Saint*Young Men, 天平座故事

Jul : 陌生人的糖果,天若有情,擁抱,The Land of Stories

Aug : 她比煙花寂寞, 星空, 如今都是錯

Sep : 如何說再見

Nov :朝花夕拾,Struck by Lightning

2012 Concert/Theatres/Events/TVs

Jan : 五月天
Feb : Wicked, 黃偉文x2
May : Lady Gaga
Jun : 神遊 Taipei + HK, Grasshopper
Aug : andy Warhol + Harry Potter’s exhibition, National Musuem at night
Sep : Hossan Leong’s Show
Oct : 神遊,Billy Elliot, Eason’s Duo
Nov : 神遊
Dec : 五月天

Apr : 天與地
May : Glee, The Big Bang Theory S5
Jun : The Big Bang Theory S1 to S2
Jul : The Big Bang Theory S3 to S4, Downton Abbey S1 to S2
Aug : Sherlock S1 to S2
Nov : Downton Abbey S3

2012 Movies

Jan: Bride wars, One Day

Mar : 娛樂圈血淚史,Hunger Games

Apr : 東成西就

May : 腳趾上的星光

Jun : 高海拔之戀, The Proposal, Clueless

Aug : Sex and the City II, 跳出去

Sep : 初戀紅豆冰, 老港正轉, Premium Rush

Oct : The Amazing Spiderman, 春嬌與志明,桃姐, To Rome with Love

Dec : The Life of Pi, Black Swan, Struck by Lightning, 10 things I hate about you, 17 Again, Love Actually, Ted

2012 purchase

Jan : Diary, 小林煎餅,Agnes b, green tea, 桂花茶,craft box, cargo pants, curtains, cushion covers, slippers,rose tea

Feb : Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, iphone cover, Wyman’s CD, 櫻唇,ointment, grapesee extract berries juice, hair oil

Mar : 娛樂圈血淚史,東成西就,天與地,西遊記boxset, stevia tea,2 Nike Tees,2 prepaid cards for S$25, shoes,sunscreen, facial wipes, charcoal, dye hair

Apr : eye mask,facial wipes, sport bras, olive oil, fruity lite

May : berry juice, Sato Vit b supplements,new iPad, ipad cover, M&S blouse, bras, tea bags & shower gel ($94), skii eye cream + treatment essence,小林煎餅,book covers, pen, snoopy tshirt

Jun : 幾米擁抱,iPad bag, bag, the notebook, sex and the city,saint young men, 一個人去跑步, pineapple tart, coffee, tea, multi-sim cards, hush puppies shoes, shower gel + soap, 陌生人的糖果, 董培新畫說金庸x2,我的美麗日記x2,lip balm, Clinique moisturer, Watson mask x2, tidbitsx3, 核桃酥,facial spray, Barbara charm school’s book x 5, fruity lite,

Jul : Bodyshop shower gel + scrub, chrysanthemum, phone stopper, uniqlo’s inner wear, The Land Of Stories, Nike socks

Aug : hat, spec clothes, light keychain, Mark & Spencer pants, ..3mm, 拂了一身還滿, iPad charger

Sep : lens cleansers, 2359 x2, file, peppermint roll, eye roll, whitening essence, uniqlo winter clothes, heat tech innerwear, iPhone cover

Oct : paddington bear, tea, m&s titbits, tshirt, underwears, casual vacancy, longschamp bag, box, foldable bag, magnets, sephora shower gel

Nov : tights, vitamin B

Dec : Harrod’s tote bag, 2 towels, light sabre, rapunzel doll, Samsonite backpack ($63), H&M bag ($40), 娃娃’上CD,T13121 tshirt, 愛情短信, Disney’s souvenir ($60), 小林煎餅,喜材,虎落笛之悲鳴


2011 一轉眼就過去,希望2012能夠慢一點。 我要快樂。我要健康。

I want a simple life.