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Standing in a mass sea of crowd on the last day of 2013 waiting for the arrival of 2014.


2013 concerts/tv

Jan: fugue

Feb : Mad men s1 to 5, Downton Abbey Christmas episode

Mar : 神遊, Kumar

May : 2 Broke girls season 1, The show formerly known as Glee, Season 4, The Big Bang Theory 6, dirty Dancing

Jun : 2 Broke Girls Season 2,五月天, Games of Thrones s1, Mad men S6

July : Games of Thrones S2 & 3, Vicious, Phantom of the Opera

Oct : 呼叫音樂節, Dr Who S3 and S4

Dec : dr who s5, Eason

2013 books

Jan : 流金歲月
Feb : 虎落笛之悲鳴, 雪肌, 縱橫四海
Mar : 女記者手冊
May : 都什麼時候了
July : 喜材
Aug : The Land of Stories II
Sep :藍蘋夜訪江青
Oct : 如果我可以許一個願望,離奇

2013 movies

Jan: Step up revolution, pitch perfect

Feb : Argo,西游。降魔篇, The Notebook

Mar : The Impossible

Apr : Django Unchained

Jun : 低俗戲劇

Aug : 如果。愛

Sep : Internship

Oct : Before Sunrise

Dec : Despicable Me II, Marley and Me

2013 purchases

Jan : sweaters, tshirt, track shoes, cardigan, H&M tshirt, 女記者手記,都什麼時候了,优的良品
Feb : body shop’s shower gels, tea tree oil, aloe night cream; M&S’ biscuits & soaps, Land of Stories audio book, NIKE bra, Tokyo marathon tee
Mar : Holland & Barrat : 3 omega fish oil, 2 vit c, 1 coenzyme
Apr : Adidas shoes, M & S bras, diary, Doraemon comics + souvenir, Clinique products
May : Garnier whitening cream, green oil
Jun : Origin Stress Therapy, 藍蘋夜訪江青, dry towels
July : sweaters
Aug : The Land of Stories II (ebook + book), Struck by Lightning (audiobook), 曲家瑞book,that pinafore girl, Eason Chan The Key
Oct : 離奇,鳥鳢,是非疲勞,向前走不會頭,The Pilgrimage, L’Occitane face mist, almond scrub, Esquire, 优的良品,Snoopy’s tote bag, iPad cover, M&S shirts & underwear

December : necklace, 薑母黑糖,Italian for Beginner