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Bye bye 2015

Glad that 2015 is almost over. Leaving all the anger behind and embracing 2016 with happiness.

I started this blog just to post my feelings, thoughts etc, not to be popular. It is a good way to record both good and bad memories.

I have never interacted with anybody on this blog.   However, I am grateful to everybody who follow my blog, like my posts, comment on my blog and encourage me when I am down.

May 2016 be a happy year for everybody and may the force be with you.



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2015 books

Feb : 悠悠我心 

Mar : Funny Girl

May : 露世的水, The Manuscript of ACCRA, 如果我可以許一個願

June : 無暇戀愛, 有你。沒有你

July : The Land of Stories IV, Games of Throne

Aug : Clash of Kings, 生活之旅

Sep : A Storm of Swords I : Steel and Snow! A Storm of Swords II : Blood and Gold

Oct : 黑,白, 許多灰; Curvy Tree

Nov : walks on the beach, 幸運星

Dec : Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty

2015 movies

Feb : Wild, 我的朋友,我的同学,我爱过的一切

Mar : The Theory of Everything

Apr : Imitation Game, Paddington, Big Heroes 6

June : Skyfall

Aug : 五個小孩的小長,A Little Chaos, Tomorrowland

Dec : 破風者,Antman, Star Wars II


1 month just flew by. Scary.

2015 purchase

Jan : Naraya’s bags + iPhone pouch; iPhone 6 plus, glass screen + cover

Feb : uniqlo’s pants + lingerie + socks, IORA’s two blouses, hair oil, uniqlo uv parka, daiso’s weights + knee guard + pencil case + phone cover + cable, SKII treatment essence

Mar : MnS’s jeans, thermal tights, Uniqlo’ heatech blouse + pants, sweaters, Nike’s pants & bags

Apr : Agnes B’s wallet, uniqlo’ pants & long sleeve blouse, fish eyes lens, iTunes card

May : omega 3, samsonite luggage, Adidas track shoes

June : Google play card, waist pouch, plants, necklace 

July : argon oil, Sakura moisturiser, eye rolls, glucosamine, uniqlo pants, Casio watch, TLOS shirt, TLOS IV, The Clash of Kings

Aug : DR WHO’s shirt + tardis, Storm of Swords I and II, AUS gold coins, Omega 3, heatech shirt, airsim, body shop’s butter, scrub, shower gel, shampoos x 2, cleansing wipes x 2, Stempower

Sep : SG50 commerotive set, heatech socks, Let the People Have Him

Oct : Curvy Tree

Nov : sunblock, hair oil, Spongebog toy set, The Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty, Mother Goose Diaries

Dec : muji’s essential oil, fragrance, steam cream, converse’s sling bag, animal project’s coasters, magnetic bracelet, drawing book