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World Cup 2018

Italy didn’t make it to Russia. I wasn’t keeping track like previous tournaments.

I couldn’t remember which country is in which group. I can’t remember which countries are playing on which day, and after I watched the match, I forget most of the match.

Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable World Cup. Love the passion of the footballers who care.

Some of the match I remember:

Mexico 1 Germany 0

S Korea 2 Germany 0 (2 goals in the last few minutes that sent Germany home and Mexico to 2nd round)

Germany 2 Sweden 1 <Sweden would have won if they do not park the bus in the second half>

France 4 Argentina 3 (Argentina was leading 2-1 after halftime, but the better team won. The spinning goal from Pavard was like from Shaolin Soccer).

Uruguay 2 Portugal 1 ( Cavani !! He reminded me of Canniggia)

England 6 Panama 1 (the joyous celebration of Panama for their 1st World Cup goal; also Harry Kane)

France 2 Australia <1st time penalty given via VAR, 2nd goal was via goal line technology>


2018 TVs, Concerts, movies

Jan : 再親我好媽

Feb : Jacky Cheung’s concert

May : Survivor 36, Yoga, Jumanji, Kungfu Panda 3

Jun : Mayday, 大叔的愛

July : World Cup

Aug : 大叔的愛(2016),Crazy Rich Asian

Sep : 健康而有文化的最低生活, 降魔的,与神同行

Oct : Westworld 1 & 2, Doctor Strange, Road to El Dorado, Agent Chan; 踩過界

Nov : 燦爛的外母,Orange is the New Black S3, Bring It On Again; Mama Mia

Dec : Orange is the New Black S4, S5 & S6; Survivor Season 37; Searching, Alex Strangelove; Yoga’a Concert

2018 Books

Jan : Arthritis, What Exercises Work;承歡記, Just One Thing!

Feb : One Kopi at a Time

March : 謝謝你,在世界的一隅找到我;I want to be calm; introvert doodles

Apr : 健走, the way of the runner

May : Invoices, 衷心笑

Jun : 這是戰爭

July : 新加坡散步之旅, 不愛讀書不是你的錯

Aug : Sundays with Sumiko, If you don’t have anything nice to say

Sep : 被人遺忘的天堂

Oct: 歲月如歌,結或不結,離或不離

Nov : 神壇阿修羅

Dec : 月是故鄉明

2018 Purchase

Jan : IKEA box, shampoo, Vit C, Daiso boxes, insta noodles

Feb : snoopy slippers, sport bra

March : Recogen, Muji instant noodles

Apr : bodyshop moisturiser, iPhone x

May : Recogen

Jun : Synvisc injection, eye check up, intensed pulse light + laser, spectacles, iPhone battery replacement, Ecco shoes, Decathon tshirt

July : socks, iPhone screen protector, aloe Vera moisturiser, scar treatment cream, maybelline foundation, cleansing wipes, shampoo, masks

Aug : phone covers, screen protectors, xiaomi battery, foldable desk, tote bag, belt, body shop tea tree oils, wipes, cotton, eye cream, sun screen

Sep : hydration moisturiser, shampoo, hair treatment lotion, cetaPhil body wash and lotion

Oct : pants; calculator; 香橙一夜乾;走路的人,林夕同塵, 就是喜歡

Nov : two blouses, Apple Watch

Dec : iTunes card, google play card, ez link card, muji boxes, magnets; kinokuniya cable bites; daiso’ passport holders; stay Real bag, stepping stone’s bag + stickers + pen + masking tape, Star Cup


Stretch, stretch and stretch

Learn something – language, sport therapy or coding


Deep breathing

Sleep by 12 midnight

Eat more greens

Aqua exercise




Remember that…..

It’s OK not to be OK