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May – chaotic blogging

Have a much needed holidays after working too hard.

The ending of Survivor 38 and Game of Throne seemed to mirror each other. After intense gaming by the main players, the player who were ruled out in the earlier part of the game of both Survivor and GOT won the game.

Lots of people were disappointed with the ending but I am okay with both the shows because my expectations were low after too many bad reviews. Besides, such things happen in real life too. As long as Arya and Jon Snow are okay, I’m okay.

Watched Bohemian Rhapsody, love the show and have a new appreciation of Queen. I grew up in the eighties, and my first encounter with Western music were pop musicians such as Michael Jackson, Wham, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Culture Club etc…. I knew them through Grammy and weekly pop chart on TV. Prior to internet, I wasn’t really exposed to rock music.

With limited knowledge, I knew who is Freddy Mercury and Queen. I have their album. I like them but that is all. After watching the movie, I went to YouTube to watch them on LiveAid. I watched it live in the 80s, but I can’t recall anything about it. When I was young, I thought I will remember everything but I was wrong. Very impressed with Freddy Mercury. Also. Brian May’s guitar is brilliant. All the members wrote memorable songs. The casting of the movie is great.

Freddy Mercury become an icon despite his look, sexual orientation and his minority race. Talent shines through. My favourite is Love of My Life. So gut wrenching.

Health wise, I wasn’t doing so well. Leg and hand are painful. Search for remedy in YouTube and it seemed that I should move my legs and arms to circulate the lymphatic system. Also, deep breathing.

Work wise, ugh, my nightmare of moving office has become a reality. Yucks, horrible seat. Don’t want to think about it. Much ado about nothing since they are going to implement hot seat soon. I am quite sick of this herd mentality of the corporate world following the same trend. When you think open concept isn’t stupid enough, here come hot seat. But before that, we still want you to move furniture from point A to point B.

USA and google boycotting Huawei seemed like Danerys burning King’s Landing in the name of breaking the wheels.

Oh, I finally caught Shiny Lapras.




最近忽然進電影院三次。第一次是看Bumblebee, 跟弟弟妹妹和一群近親在柔佛看。最喜歡是戲裡常播八十年代的歌曲。現在想起,上次跟弟妹一起看戲是我們童年時。當年戲票八毛錢,我們一個星期最少看一次電影。轉眼,我們都白頭。








My 2018

Favourite TV Show : 大叔的愛

Favourite Actor : 田中圭

Memorable World Cup : Spain 3 Portugal 3; South Korea beat Germany; Japan through to 2nd round; England went to semi final since 1990

Health : Synvisc’ injection; eye check up; spot laser

Purchases : iPhone X and Apple Watch

Favourite author, 金庸, passed away

Favourite magazine, I weekly, has stopped printing

Ex raids; Legendaries and shiny Pokemon

Hong Kong, Changi, Bintan, Tainan and Taipei

Handclap, Mama Mia!

Favourite activities : binged watch 愛。回家 during weekends; binged watched HK dramas through starhub mobile; binged watch Orange is the New Black through Netflix, watched 開心速度 on weekdays;listening to podcast commuting to work

Exercises : walking; cycling; stretching and swimming



I周刊今天最後一期。從前身的電視周刊到今天的I-weekly, 跨越了三十多年, 但敵不過時代的轉變。不捨每個周日一邊喝咖啡一邊翻雜誌的小確幸。日後,在網上見。

In the end

There were so many issued that I want to rage on my blog – Oxley Road house, minister’s comments on MRT breakdowns, deadlines and more deadlines, people piling more and more work at me …..

But when I signed on WordPress, I felt so numb and don’t really have anything to write. My mind is full of deadlines over the most boring, unimportant mundane stuff that I can no longer occupy my brain with useful knowledge.

Corporate world wanting me to be their version of me whilst I want to be my version of myself. 

My parents worked so high and suffered so much throughout their lives.  By the time when they can retire without financial liability, they are hit by chronic illness. 

I fear that by the time that I can slam the door and leave corporate world behind, I will repeat their same fate. Or worst, corporate world is Hotel California that I can’t leave. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter. No matter how hard I try. 

Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.  I do not know your name before your death. I only knew your sorrowful voice through Linkin Park. There was a phase in my life that I listen to In The End, Numb etc repeatedly every morning before I face this real world.  

Random stuff

Watched Jacky Cheung’s concert and was very impressed. The stage was spectacular.   I love the part where all the stars are dancing around him. At 55 years old, he still can dance and sing effortlessly.  One of the best concert I ever attended. 

Watched Survivor Game Changer.  My favourite player, Tony, is voted off.  Doesn’t like the fact that Sandra targeted him and gloated while he was gone.  Sandra acted like Russel Hantz instead of the underdog in Pearl Island. Still think that their original plan to have all the treat in one alliance is a better idea. Now, Hali Ford & Troyzan, got free passes. Meh.

Feel sick after working too hard.  My body finally protested.

On a positive note, I finally remember how to float on water.