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All the small things





Eat slowly

Drink water


Omega 3


Enjoy the flowers

Admire the greeneries

Deep sleep

Clear clutters

Enjoy the moment


Bus rides



Stranger things, game of thrones




2019 Purchases

Jan : Nitori’s tote bags + pouches


Be my own star in 2019 ⭐️

My 2018

Favourite TV Show : 大叔的愛

Favourite Actor : 田中圭

Memorable World Cup : Spain 3 Portugal 3; South Korea beat Germany; Japan through to 2nd round; England went to semi final since 1990

Health : Synvisc’ injection; eye check up; spot laser

Purchases : iPhone X and Apple Watch

Favourite author, 金庸, passed away

Favourite magazine, I weekly, has stopped printing

Ex raids; Legendaries and shiny Pokemon

Hong Kong, Changi, Bintan, Tainan and Taipei

Handclap, Mama Mia!

Favourite activities : binged watch 愛。回家 during weekends; binged watched HK dramas through starhub mobile; binged watch Orange is the New Black through Netflix, watched 開心速度 on weekdays;listening to podcast commuting to work

Exercises : walking; cycling; stretching and swimming


This weekend, I cleared my bills, organised medical records for family, filed my nails, bought presents, bought travel insurance, wrapped presents, cycled while listening to podcast; played Pokemon, binged watched 愛回家(till episodes 885) &開心速遞, wrote my diary and read a book.

Most tedious is buying presents. Note to self : start early next year via online purchase so that I don’t need painkillers for backache and knee pain from walking without a clue what to buy.

Binge. Grind

Have not been updating my blog. After long, grinding m,tiring soul draining working days, all I want to do is binge watch dramas from Netflix and Hong Kong. There is something therapeutic to be engrossed in fictional world and disconnected from the actual world.

No time for books, organising my documents etc.

Bought an iwatch, but really don’t have time to exercise on weekdays. Minimal time for Pokemon go. Stop playing piano tiles for months.

Despite all the gadgets that I owe, I can’t remember schedules. I used to remember based on memory.

Started working before official working hour, started working during lunch time while people ate still resting. End work after office hour.

And it is still not enough. Just have to grind it out so that I slam the door to corporate world soon.