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Didn’t update this blog for more than a month.

How I spent my May :

Been working extremely hard. Busy does not equal to productivity. So much things are not up to my control.

Bringing parents for medical checkups.

Usually eat alone with low expectations of food. But happy that do have gatherings with old friends, new colleagues and family members.

Still playing Pokémon. Been going many places just to spin new pokestops just for the extra points. Been catching and raiding to catch shinies with no success. Been watching concerts. Been overseas for holidays and staycation with family. Walk too much for this game.

Binged watch 愛。回家.

Read a few books, including Invoices which is about invoice for emotions.

Played in the pools although I can’t swim.

Cycled for two hours. Tiring but happy.






Alone but not lonely

Often alone, but seldom lonely.

I am loneliest when I am in a crowd.


Got three Mewtwo, ✌️.

Started taking Recogen, and legs seemed to get slightly better.

Enjoying greenery again after I couldn’t jog or walk long distance. Taking buses all over town for Pokémon raid or just escaping from the MRT when I don’t have to commute to work.

Read a few books on calming down.

Every morning, I took a few deep breaths at the fitness corner near my house, before i face the real world.












After my last post

I cleaned my bedroom.

Sort my mails.

Bought groceries.

Cut my nails.

Cleaned my shoes.

Walked around my neighbourhood.

Now I am exhausted. My legs are hurting again. Missed those days when my legs are healthy.


Every weekend,

I want to wake up after 9 am, but nowadays I usually awake at around 7am and start surfing net. Then I felt that I didn’t sleep well by 9 am.

I want to read book, but seldom pick up the book to read.

I want to binge watch shows, but I am so lazy I don’t even want to click on it.

I want to clean my room but I keep procrastinating about it.

I want to stretch more, but the most common pose I do is corpse pose.

I want to eat healthily but I end up eating titbits and junk food.

I want to explore more places but I settle for familiar shopping mall.

Then, I tell myself to do something different the next weekend.

At this moment on a Sunday afternoon, I am neither stretching, reading, cleaning but lying on my bed not sleeping….