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My 2018

Favourite TV Show : 大叔的愛

Favourite Actor : 田中圭

Memorable World Cup : Spain 3 Portugal 3; South Korea beat Germany; Japan through to 2nd round; England went to semi final since 1990

Health : Synvisc’ injection; eye check up; spot laser

Purchases : iPhone X and Apple Watch

Favourite author, 金庸, passed away

Favourite magazine, I weekly, has stopped printing

Ex raids; Legendaries and shiny Pokemon

Hong Kong, Changi, Bintan, Tainan and Taipei

Handclap, Mama Mia!

Favourite activities : binged watch 愛。回家 during weekends; binged watched HK dramas through starhub mobile; binged watch Orange is the New Black through Netflix, watched 開心速度 on weekdays;listening to podcast commuting to work

Exercises : walking; cycling; stretching and swimming



This weekend, I cleared my bills, organised medical records for family, filed my nails, bought presents, bought travel insurance, wrapped presents, cycled while listening to podcast; played Pokemon, binged watched 愛回家(till episodes 885) &開心速遞, wrote my diary and read a book.

Most tedious is buying presents. Note to self : start early next year via online purchase so that I don’t need painkillers for backache and knee pain from walking without a clue what to buy.








Didn’t update this blog for more than a month.

How I spent my May :

Been working extremely hard. Busy does not equal to productivity. So much things are not up to my control.

Bringing parents for medical checkups.

Usually eat alone with low expectations of food. But happy that do have gatherings with old friends, new colleagues and family members.

Still playing Pokémon. Been going many places just to spin new pokestops just for the extra points. Been catching and raiding to catch shinies with no success. Been watching concerts. Been overseas for holidays and staycation with family. Walk too much for this game.

Binged watch 愛。回家.

Read a few books, including Invoices which is about invoice for emotions.

Played in the pools although I can’t swim.

Cycled for two hours. Tiring but happy.












2018 TVs, Concerts, movies

Jan : 再親我好媽

Feb : Jacky Cheung’s concert

May : Survivor 36, Yoga, Jumanji, Kungfu Panda 3

Jun : Mayday, 大叔的愛

July : World Cup

Aug : 大叔的愛(2016),Crazy Rich Asian

Sep : 健康而有文化的最低生活, 降魔的,与神同行

Oct : Westworld 1 & 2, Doctor Strange, Road to El Dorado, Agent Chan; 踩過界

Nov : 燦爛的外母,Orange is the New Black S3, Bring It On Again; Mama Mia

Dec : Orange is the New Black S4, S5 & S6; Survivor Season 37; Searching, Alex Strangelove; Yoga’a Concert

Random thoughts

Twitter gave us 280 characters and famous writers such as JK Rowling & Stephen King do not like it. The irony that they wrote thick books with much more than  280 characters. I rather people wrote all their message in 1 tweet rather than scrolling through part 1, 2 & 3 on the same matter. I would have an easier time tweeting during those time that I tweet a lot.

MRT train delayed 3 time out of 5 weekdays. They are in operation for 30 years & all their parts are not being maintained well. Really disgusted with the management which pushed all the blame to the staff.

My legs are just like the old & beaten MRT. Painful. Missed those days that I can walk, run & climb.

Getting tired very easily. No energy to stay back to complete my work. The thought of work gives me anxiety.

Niantic, the Pokemon Go’s developer is coming up with Harry Potter’s augmented reality game. Not sure how to feel about it. One year ago, I will be elated. Now, knowing that Niantic treats Asia sans Japan as second class, we will be getting inferior game than USA/Europe.  Also, I can’t walk as much as I want. On the other hand, interested to know how they are going to implement marauder map into the game.

Speaking of Pokemon Go, I am still not getting the Ex Raid pass for Mewtwo. Sort of losing interest in the game.  The gym system sucks.

Watched Stranger Things 2. Love the nostalgia.  Really wishing Eleven would interact with the 4 boys more. Will is such an unlucky child.

Finally watched 新扎師兄,which was a 1984 show. While Stranger things is a current show with its background set 30 years ago, 新扎師兄 was filmed more than 30 years ago. Hence the nostalgia is even stronger ~ there was a time that people has to use pager or wait for phone calls at home.

Not a good year for my family’s health & work. Getting old sucks.