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離地 – 香港

「離地」是近年流行的一個潮語, 通常用作為形容詞,形容某些人的想法甚至行為脫離普羅大眾,不食民間煙火,不知民間疾苦。

断舍离- 日本


獨自族 – 韓國



天與地 : 咖啡讓頭腦清醒,whiskey 讓靈魂痲痹。



Happiness is

– A good episode of Glee.  I love the scene between Kurt and Dave.  So well acted.    Chris Colfer is attractive in the show.

– Hearing Adele singing Rolling in the Deep in the Grammys.  Impressive.  No gimmicks.  Just singing her heart out.  She deserved all her awards.

– Chris Colfer’s tiny claps for Land of Stories and he is starting to record the audiobook.

– Stretch and tone class.

– Struck by Lighting’s trailer.  Chris Colfer is HOT !

– Watching Eason singing 打囘原形, 葡萄成熟時,陀飛輪 live.

– Listening to Amanda Lee’s 你沒有好結果,過得比你好。

– Eating ice cream.

– admiring the lyrics of 男孩像你,萊斯萊斯,痛愛。

-jogging at night.

– eating wanton noodles in Hong Kong.

– having fun with newphew and niece.

– jogging whilst listening to Rolling in the Deep.

– listening to Eason Chan’s song in high quality stereo in a hotel room.

– walking and admiring the beauty of nature.

– food, glorius food.

-wathcing and listening to 黃燿明, 林宥嘉,側田, 草蜢

– money !

– reading the Hunger Game Trilogies.

– jogging in the zoo.

– peace at home.

– good sleep

– Watching Wicked and remembering the diva faceoff  of Kurt + Rachel of “Defying Gravity” and Kurt’s + Rachel’s friendship in “For Good”.

– nice flight

– Chris Colfer’s involvement in the play “8”

– scenic bus journey

– Tiinn Rooof RUSTED !!!!


Then happy I that love and am beloved, where I may not remove nor be removed.


il bel far niente

I learn a new phrase today. Il bel far niente – the beauty of doing nothing. I love Italian.



– 林夕,就算天空再深, page 291


  • 今天在早报读到的:

“来是偶然,去是必然” – 幼吾

  • 原来红豆的广东版“偿还”有这么一句:

“什么都不算什么” – 林夕