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141 caught

Finally caught and evolved all the Pokemon that can be caught in SG. 

My feet are painful from all the walking and chasing. I have been to most of the places that I caught the rare Pokemon, but there is a difference between casual jog /walk  to the places and sprinting to the spot beating against time. I love the joy of catching a new Pokemon. Even though the feet are painful, it is still a great distraction from mundane and grinding working life. I love anything that is a portal that help me escape from the real world, whether it is books, movies, augmented reality game.

I finally find the time to blog after I sort of catch them all (excluding the regionals, legendary etc). Have not read a book, watch a TV show series etc. I finally cleared my bills today and have a good nap. 

I have not watch  a single episode Pokemon cartoon when it debuted in the 90s. I was still in the early part of my working life then and cartoons have no place in my heart. I was resistant to Japan culture then.  I have overcome my dislike of Japan in recent years and come to appreciate the beauty of Japan and its pop culture. Finally, started following Ash in his Pokemon training. The internet is a tardis that allow me to go back to an old timeline to enjoy something that I have missed out in the past. Perhaps, because I have caught the Pokemon, I really enjoy the show. 

Whilst playing the game, I have heard a lot of judgemental comments from strangers and coworkers. Why feel more superior that you are jogging while I share the same place with you  as I catch the Pokemon ? Public place is for everyone.  Also, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. So, please stop asking why  am I playing/still playing the game. Every adult is a child once. 

I read my last blog which mentioned about the mass shootings and terrorist attack. After I completed my augmented reality game, I realised that reality still sucks with the explosion in Manhattan.



Bought The Land of Stories but have not read it yet. So many distractions –

太陽的後裔 – finally watched the show. Beautiful scenery. It is a nationalistic show wrapped in a romance story. 

Piano tiles 2 – trying to get free songs every night

Work – getting busy again

八時入席 – daily show to distress

Pokemon Go ! – walked a lot, which is ok because I have been taking 10k steps most days. But soles have been aching for several months.  Really enjoying catching the different pokemon. 


Bought Mayday’s 自傳 and realised no Chinese titles. 動物派對during cheered me up on the way to work. 


Too many mass shootings / terrorist attacks in Nice, Paris, Munich, Japan and US. 

6 Aug 16

Olympics Ceromony

Pokemon Go !

Just Rock It !

A day to remember 


There were two significant events in 1989.

4 June 1989 : Tiananmen. The revolution is not over. History is repeating itself today. The Hong Kong students are still occupying the streets. 25 years ago, I was 100% on the Beijing students’ side. Now, I am not so sure about the current Hong Kong situation. Mixed feelings of not my problem, part supporting the students in ideology and part feeling bad for the people whose livelihood are affected by the standstill.

9 Nov 1989 : Berlin Wall collapsed. I had not travelled out of my country in 1989, no CNN nor internet. When I saw people hand in hand standing on the Berlin Wall on TV, it was such a huge impact on me and I still remembered being elated. It still moved me whenever I came across photos or news about Berlin Wall.

Fast forward 25 years, daily grinding work has taken my soul. I am not able to feel angry, happy over current events that take place in other places. I know there are some subconscious feelings buried in the conscious numbness, I am just too tired to dig them out.

Little speck

So many resignations and yet I am still here.

So busy with work. The files just keep piling up and I simply can’t finish. I am lost.

Sleep quality is bad and it is affecting my health.

What is happening to the world ? Plane being shot down, 3 plane crashes within a week, gas explosion in Gaoxiong, another explosion in China and earthquake, civilians killed in Middle East.

The universe doesn’t really care about us.

We are just a small little speck in space and time. I really should start to learn to let not works control me.

World Cup

Another World Cup is over.

Italia is out at the first round. Sad but it wasn’t the devastation I felt in 1990 and 1994. I have learnt to protect my heart. Also, I am contented they won it in 2006.

France, Italy and Spain couldn’t pass the first round after they won the World Cup.

A lot of shocking result : Spain 1 Holland 5, Germany 4 Portugal 0 and the shocker of all shockers Germany 7 Brazil 1. It was pretty sad when a long time detractor like me feel bad for them. So heartbreaking to see the shock faces, especially the children crying. It was so shocking to see them let in 5 goals within 30 mins.

I have never like Brazil because of how the press praised them to the sky and their bandwagon fans. But I no longer have that kind of resentment this year. I don’t want them to spent all the money for nothing. Also, they seemed to be very gracious people.

I have rooted for Italy since I watch World Cup. My love for them will never change. However for the other teams, my feelings towards them flipped flopped a lot. In 1990, I rooted for Germany because I was so angry Argentina scraped their way to the finals (especially after they beat Italy in penalties). But since then, I disliked the robotic Germany and was rooting for Argentina. I wish Argentina won this year but I know the German would win. However, I do not begrudge Germany their well deserved victory. They are truly the best and strongest team this year.

The first World Cup I ever watched was 1986 when Maradonna won the World Cup for Argentina. I am sorry, Messi is not Maradonna. It was really an unfair burden on Messi to shoulder the team in tighter and faster football matches. I do hope to see Argentina winning again.

I also hope that Holland would win the word cup one day.





今年的世界杯蠻好看地。 很多進球,很多意料之外的賽果。義大利又輸了,不知能否進入第二圈。但如今的我,已經沒能投入。沒有憤怒,悲傷,所以也沒又年少時的大喜與快樂。