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Stranger than Fan Fiction

Fascinating read but heartbreaking. Finished in 4 days thought my vacation. 

Very meta.  Felt sad that after voting my fingers till they are sore for the People Choice Award, only brought jealousy and punishment for him. Hope that this was not the end of his career.  


2017 Books

March : Stranger than Fan Fiction, Hello, I am Joseph Schooling

Apr : 如果有,還未找到

May : 红缎荷包

Jun : Crazy Rich Asians, Super Food : Lemon,微積分

Jul : 阿修羅,第九元素

Aug : The Land of Stories 6; 故園

Sep : 森沙拉







Just read an article of a book titled Crazy Rich Asian, written by Kevin Kwan, a descendant of  an OCBC banker.  Background of the story is set in Singapore, about very rich people. The book is a bestseller and is going to be made into a movie. I might borrow the book from the library. Not incline to buy book at the moment, mainly no space.  Besides, I have reservation contributing money if the book portrays a negative image of Singapore. The Singapore I grew up in is a country where most people work for a honest and humble living.  I might be wrong and ended up loving the book. 

 I first heard about Crazy Rich Asian from Ryan Higa’s Twitter asking Asian to audition for roles.  I didn’t pay much attention to it then because I have very little interest in the life of Asian American, filthy rich or dirt poor. In fact, I am put off that people from various ethnic group and various culture of the Asia continent is pigeonholed into a group called Asian in USA. Chinese, Japanese, Korean are different. Philipinos, Indonesian are different. Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani are different.  

Anyway, hope that the book is good and the movie is successful. For a start, I respect that the movie make a stand by not whitewashing the roles. 


I want to start jogging again. 


1st Post of 2017

It is already 15 Jan 2017.

I want to be healthy and happy.

Keep walking 10, 000 steps per day.


Chinese New Year is coming and this year, my spring cleaning will be half measures because of my injury. Did throw away lots of stuff. There were some bags that I never use for years, and all the shoeboxes that took up space. 

Need to restrain from buying books because I have many unread books. 

Watched Stranger Things and the show was good. Waiting for Season 2. 

Watching Sherlock but it was a bit tedious. I can’t concentrate for more than an hour. 

八時入席 is over. Watched because of 陳國邦 but the show seemed to be focusing on 十仔。Okay with the younger actors but 心裡有點不是味道。

My passion with Pokemon Go is winding down because I just have no luck with hatching eggs – I seldom hatch any rare Pokemon and still lacking 5 Gen 2. If it is based on legwork, I can walk to catch. The current Gen 2 Pokemon are based on eggs and the game just reminded me how luckless I am. 

Before my back injury is fully recovered, I have flu 😒. I want to be healthy. 

Need to find something interesting to focus so that I do not frustrated over work easily. 


Bought The Land of Stories but have not read it yet. So many distractions –

太陽的後裔 – finally watched the show. Beautiful scenery. It is a nationalistic show wrapped in a romance story. 

Piano tiles 2 – trying to get free songs every night

Work – getting busy again

八時入席 – daily show to distress

Pokemon Go ! – walked a lot, which is ok because I have been taking 10k steps most days. But soles have been aching for several months.  Really enjoying catching the different pokemon. 


Bought Mayday’s 自傳 and realised no Chinese titles. 動物派對during cheered me up on the way to work. 


Too many mass shootings / terrorist attacks in Nice, Paris, Munich, Japan and US. 








The History of Mr Polly

During Secondary 4, The History of Mr Polly was one of the study books for literature. 

At the age of 16, this was such a dry, unexciting, humourless, unadventurous book with dislikable and boring characters.  Especially compared to To Kill A Mocking Bird, which I studied in Secondary 3.  To Kill A Mocking Bird was such a powerful book with an epic theme on race, class, injustice etc. 

I grew up identifying with Scout, aspiring to be Atticus but ended up being Mr Polly. All I want is to escape, turn my back on the life I am living now and never return.