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Today is the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen massacre.

I’m aware today is 4 June. However, it only dawn on me in the middle of the day that 1989 was 30 years ago. Time flies even without a time machine.

30 years ago, people dare to be defiant to a giant that was just waking up. Now, we have to tiptoe in order not to offend the petty giant.


May – chaotic blogging

Have a much needed holidays after working too hard.

The ending of Survivor 38 and Game of Throne seemed to mirror each other. After intense gaming by the main players, the player who were ruled out in the earlier part of the game of both Survivor and GOT won the game.

Lots of people were disappointed with the ending but I am okay with both the shows because my expectations were low after too many bad reviews. Besides, such things happen in real life too. As long as Arya and Jon Snow are okay, I’m okay.

Watched Bohemian Rhapsody, love the show and have a new appreciation of Queen. I grew up in the eighties, and my first encounter with Western music were pop musicians such as Michael Jackson, Wham, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Culture Club etc…. I knew them through Grammy and weekly pop chart on TV. Prior to internet, I wasn’t really exposed to rock music.

With limited knowledge, I knew who is Freddy Mercury and Queen. I have their album. I like them but that is all. After watching the movie, I went to YouTube to watch them on LiveAid. I watched it live in the 80s, but I can’t recall anything about it. When I was young, I thought I will remember everything but I was wrong. Very impressed with Freddy Mercury. Also. Brian May’s guitar is brilliant. All the members wrote memorable songs. The casting of the movie is great.

Freddy Mercury become an icon despite his look, sexual orientation and his minority race. Talent shines through. My favourite is Love of My Life. So gut wrenching.

Health wise, I wasn’t doing so well. Leg and hand are painful. Search for remedy in YouTube and it seemed that I should move my legs and arms to circulate the lymphatic system. Also, deep breathing.

Work wise, ugh, my nightmare of moving office has become a reality. Yucks, horrible seat. Don’t want to think about it. Much ado about nothing since they are going to implement hot seat soon. I am quite sick of this herd mentality of the corporate world following the same trend. When you think open concept isn’t stupid enough, here come hot seat. But before that, we still want you to move furniture from point A to point B.

USA and google boycotting Huawei seemed like Danerys burning King’s Landing in the name of breaking the wheels.

Oh, I finally caught Shiny Lapras.

World Cup 2018

Why do time passed so fast. World Cup was here before I realised it and it was now already over for two weeks. I only have a few more World Cups left in my life to watch.

I enjoyed this World Cup tremendously, but it didn’t have the agony and euphoria in the previous World Cup. It wasn’t the tournament’s fault, it is just that I no longer identify with a national team and its players so deeply. Even if Italy is playing in this World Cup, I would not feel the deep sadness and extreme joy ala 1990 and 1994. I felt happy when Italy won in 2006 but I knew that the joy would be more intense if it is in 1990 or 1994.

When England beat Sweden and through to the semi final, I thought of 1990. When Belgium beat Brazil and through to the semi final, I thought of 1986.

When Croatia went to the final, I thought of Euro 1996, and they were the losing finalist then.

When France won the World Cup, I thought of how they lose the European Championship in homeground, a bit similar to when Portugal lost the European Championship to Greece in the homeground but won in France.

There were some memorable matches like Germany 0 S Korea 2. The last time Germany conceded such goals was Italy 2 Germany 0 during the semi final in 2006.

Even if a national team knew that they would not go pass the first round in the next World Cup if they win the World Cup, I am sure they would gladly pay for the opportunity cost and win the World Cup.

This World Cup brought us VAR. I would prefer the old school refereeing system, as I love the controversies which is part of football. But I wasn’t greatly opposed to VAR too. Croatia lost the match when France was awarded the penalty after the referee took a long time watching and rewatching the replay.

The World Cup final is fantastic. Thanks to France and Croatia for this classic match.

For someone who grew up disliking Japan because of World War II, I was rooting for them. Such a heartbreak way to lose in the 2nd round.

World Cup 2018

Italy didn’t make it to Russia. I wasn’t keeping track like previous tournaments.

I couldn’t remember which country is in which group. I can’t remember which countries are playing on which day, and after I watched the match, I forget most of the match.

Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable World Cup. Love the passion of the footballers who care.

Some of the match I remember:

Mexico 1 Germany 0

S Korea 2 Germany 0 (2 goals in the last few minutes that sent Germany home and Mexico to 2nd round)

Germany 2 Sweden 1 <Sweden would have won if they do not park the bus in the second half>

France 4 Argentina 3 (Argentina was leading 2-1 after halftime, but the better team won. The spinning goal from Pavard was like from Shaolin Soccer).

Uruguay 2 Portugal 1 ( Cavani !! He reminded me of Canniggia)

England 6 Panama 1 (the joyous celebration of Panama for their 1st World Cup goal; also Harry Kane)

France 2 Australia <1st time penalty given via VAR, 2nd goal was via goal line technology>

Chaos Theory

Probably the first time I read about chaos theory was from Michael Crichton’s novel. I was very impressed then because no matter how the butterfly flaps it’s wings, life still go on and it doesn’t affect me.

WRONG. I try to ignore everything about the current USA president and all the international turmoil that he brings. I am selfish, I just don’t care over things that is beyond my control. I am not American and I didn’t choose that 人渣 to be president.

However, whenever that rascal points his finger over whichever country that he is mad at the moment, the whole world has to follow where his tiny finger points. Because of him, we have more form to ask customers to declare that they have no dealing with certain countries which offended that tiny small man.

I am getting more and more turn off by USA style of democracy. Go around telling other countries about human right, but yet allow anybody to buy a gun, a weapon designs to kill. And we have to be emphatic of mental health problem whenever white boys went around mass killing. In the meantime, three black men were handcuffed because they did not order anything in Starbucks.

I am neither rightist, leftist, conservative, liberal and those branding. I am just an individual who is sick that a tiny man in a superpower affecting my working life so much.

My rant after sick from overwork from too many deadlines because of international events.

Social justice warrior and grammar nazi, you are not welcome.

Random thoughts

Twitter gave us 280 characters and famous writers such as JK Rowling & Stephen King do not like it. The irony that they wrote thick books with much more than  280 characters. I rather people wrote all their message in 1 tweet rather than scrolling through part 1, 2 & 3 on the same matter. I would have an easier time tweeting during those time that I tweet a lot.

MRT train delayed 3 time out of 5 weekdays. They are in operation for 30 years & all their parts are not being maintained well. Really disgusted with the management which pushed all the blame to the staff.

My legs are just like the old & beaten MRT. Painful. Missed those days that I can walk, run & climb.

Getting tired very easily. No energy to stay back to complete my work. The thought of work gives me anxiety.

Niantic, the Pokemon Go’s developer is coming up with Harry Potter’s augmented reality game. Not sure how to feel about it. One year ago, I will be elated. Now, knowing that Niantic treats Asia sans Japan as second class, we will be getting inferior game than USA/Europe.  Also, I can’t walk as much as I want. On the other hand, interested to know how they are going to implement marauder map into the game.

Speaking of Pokemon Go, I am still not getting the Ex Raid pass for Mewtwo. Sort of losing interest in the game.  The gym system sucks.

Watched Stranger Things 2. Love the nostalgia.  Really wishing Eleven would interact with the 4 boys more. Will is such an unlucky child.

Finally watched 新扎師兄,which was a 1984 show. While Stranger things is a current show with its background set 30 years ago, 新扎師兄 was filmed more than 30 years ago. Hence the nostalgia is even stronger ~ there was a time that people has to use pager or wait for phone calls at home.

Not a good year for my family’s health & work. Getting old sucks.







Just read an article of a book titled Crazy Rich Asian, written by Kevin Kwan, a descendant of  an OCBC banker.  Background of the story is set in Singapore, about very rich people. The book is a bestseller and is going to be made into a movie. I might borrow the book from the library. Not incline to buy book at the moment, mainly no space.  Besides, I have reservation contributing money if the book portrays a negative image of Singapore. The Singapore I grew up in is a country where most people work for a honest and humble living.  I might be wrong and ended up loving the book. 

 I first heard about Crazy Rich Asian from Ryan Higa’s Twitter asking Asian to audition for roles.  I didn’t pay much attention to it then because I have very little interest in the life of Asian American, filthy rich or dirt poor. In fact, I am put off that people from various ethnic group and various culture of the Asia continent is pigeonholed into a group called Asian in USA. Chinese, Japanese, Korean are different. Philipinos, Indonesian are different. Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani are different.  

Anyway, hope that the book is good and the movie is successful. For a start, I respect that the movie make a stand by not whitewashing the roles. 


I want to start jogging again.