Can’t sleep. Feeling disturbed that people I knew who openly and vocally discriminate and criminalise against homosexuality. And they call themselves the silent majority when they are so loud.

It is usually the religious folk who preached about loving everyone, not casting stone. The more you talk about how great your creator is, the more despicable you are when you violently ostracise a group of people because of their sexuality.

Can’t vent this above in real life, so have to blog about it.



Another month just passed by ….

Health wise, leg wasn’t as painful before but hand is getting painful from typing. Overworked burnout Asian.

My leg wasn’t painful, probably because I didn’t walk as much before. Barely hit 10,000 steps on most days. Partly busy, partly avoiding the sun.

Gaining weight because of inactivity and binged eating.

Still playing Pokemon but it is feeling like tasks rather than hobby. Barely touch piano tiles nowadays.

Spent $$$ on online shopping. But, so far, I am liking and using the stuff that I bought. Also, been buying many products to protect face such as moisturiser, mist, screen protectors.

Managed to read two books despite being busy.

Also, stepped into the cinema for the first time this year to watch Crazy Rich Asian. The best part of the movie is the first 5 minuets .

Have an extremely short vacation doing nothing.

  • Next month, need to eat healthily, sleep more and exercise more. Taking care of myself instead of pouring myself into never ending work.
  • 七月







    World Cup 2018

    Why do time passed so fast. World Cup was here before I realised it and it was now already over for two weeks. I only have a few more World Cups left in my life to watch.

    I enjoyed this World Cup tremendously, but it didn’t have the agony and euphoria in the previous World Cup. It wasn’t the tournament’s fault, it is just that I no longer identify with a national team and its players so deeply. Even if Italy is playing in this World Cup, I would not feel the deep sadness and extreme joy ala 1990 and 1994. I felt happy when Italy won in 2006 but I knew that the joy would be more intense if it is in 1990 or 1994.

    When England beat Sweden and through to the semi final, I thought of 1990. When Belgium beat Brazil and through to the semi final, I thought of 1986.

    When Croatia went to the final, I thought of Euro 1996, and they were the losing finalist then.

    When France won the World Cup, I thought of how they lose the European Championship in homeground, a bit similar to when Portugal lost the European Championship to Greece in the homeground but won in France.

    There were some memorable matches like Germany 0 S Korea 2. The last time Germany conceded such goals was Italy 2 Germany 0 during the semi final in 2006.

    Even if a national team knew that they would not go pass the first round in the next World Cup if they win the World Cup, I am sure they would gladly pay for the opportunity cost and win the World Cup.

    This World Cup brought us VAR. I would prefer the old school refereeing system, as I love the controversies which is part of football. But I wasn’t greatly opposed to VAR too. Croatia lost the match when France was awarded the penalty after the referee took a long time watching and rewatching the replay.

    The World Cup final is fantastic. Thanks to France and Croatia for this classic match.

    For someone who grew up disliking Japan because of World War II, I was rooting for them. Such a heartbreak way to lose in the 2nd round.







    World Cup 2018

    Italy didn’t make it to Russia. I wasn’t keeping track like previous tournaments.

    I couldn’t remember which country is in which group. I can’t remember which countries are playing on which day, and after I watched the match, I forget most of the match.

    Nevertheless, this is an enjoyable World Cup. Love the passion of the footballers who care.

    Some of the match I remember:

    Mexico 1 Germany 0

    S Korea 2 Germany 0 (2 goals in the last few minutes that sent Germany home and Mexico to 2nd round)

    Germany 2 Sweden 1 <Sweden would have won if they do not park the bus in the second half>

    France 4 Argentina 3 (Argentina was leading 2-1 after halftime, but the better team won. The spinning goal from Pavard was like from Shaolin Soccer).

    Uruguay 2 Portugal 1 ( Cavani !! He reminded me of Canniggia)

    England 6 Panama 1 (the joyous celebration of Panama for their 1st World Cup goal; also Harry Kane)

    France 2 Australia <1st time penalty given via VAR, 2nd goal was via goal line technology>

    Half a year just flew by

    Half a year has gone. Decided to take a break from work on last week of June.

    Decided to take care of myself.

    Before the ‘vacation’, went for a dental checkup. Didn’t realise I haven’t went for a checkup for 4 years.

    Went for a 2nd opinion for my knee and have an expensive injection. Still painful after walking too much but I can climb stairs 🙂 Hopefully the injection works fully as I learnt that the benefit should be felt after 4 weeks.

    Have checkup on my eyes. The last checkup was a decade ago. Luckily, no major problem 🙂 Made a new spectacles.

    Finally, decided to take care of the hyper pigmentation of my face. Hope it works 💸💸

    I also replaced the battery on my iPhone. Really worth the $38 as the battery was draining very fast prior to the replacement.

    Also bought a pair of shoes as the current working shoes are more than 5 years.

    Spent so much money just in the month of June. But, 💸💸💸💸💸is for my health and personal grooming. I should not neglect myself.