Today is the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen massacre.

I’m aware today is 4 June. However, it only dawn on me in the middle of the day that 1989 was 30 years ago. Time flies even without a time machine.

30 years ago, people dare to be defiant to a giant that was just waking up. Now, we have to tiptoe in order not to offend the petty giant.


May – chaotic blogging

Have a much needed holidays after working too hard.

The ending of Survivor 38 and Game of Throne seemed to mirror each other. After intense gaming by the main players, the player who were ruled out in the earlier part of the game of both Survivor and GOT won the game.

Lots of people were disappointed with the ending but I am okay with both the shows because my expectations were low after too many bad reviews. Besides, such things happen in real life too. As long as Arya and Jon Snow are okay, I’m okay.

Watched Bohemian Rhapsody, love the show and have a new appreciation of Queen. I grew up in the eighties, and my first encounter with Western music were pop musicians such as Michael Jackson, Wham, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Culture Club etc…. I knew them through Grammy and weekly pop chart on TV. Prior to internet, I wasn’t really exposed to rock music.

With limited knowledge, I knew who is Freddy Mercury and Queen. I have their album. I like them but that is all. After watching the movie, I went to YouTube to watch them on LiveAid. I watched it live in the 80s, but I can’t recall anything about it. When I was young, I thought I will remember everything but I was wrong. Very impressed with Freddy Mercury. Also. Brian May’s guitar is brilliant. All the members wrote memorable songs. The casting of the movie is great.

Freddy Mercury become an icon despite his look, sexual orientation and his minority race. Talent shines through. My favourite is Love of My Life. So gut wrenching.

Health wise, I wasn’t doing so well. Leg and hand are painful. Search for remedy in YouTube and it seemed that I should move my legs and arms to circulate the lymphatic system. Also, deep breathing.

Work wise, ugh, my nightmare of moving office has become a reality. Yucks, horrible seat. Don’t want to think about it. Much ado about nothing since they are going to implement hot seat soon. I am quite sick of this herd mentality of the corporate world following the same trend. When you think open concept isn’t stupid enough, here come hot seat. But before that, we still want you to move furniture from point A to point B.

USA and google boycotting Huawei seemed like Danerys burning King’s Landing in the name of breaking the wheels.

Oh, I finally caught Shiny Lapras.


Feeling lethargic the whole week.

I have tonnes of work, but I have no energy to stay back to finish them.

For many months, I stayed in the office to clear one reports after another. On one Sunday, I thought to myself I can finally take a breather because I cleared all of them.

On Monday, I went back to office, and the first email I read was the one that came with a new batch of the same rubbish that needs to be clear. At that precise point, I knew it was pointless because no matter how I stay back to clear the meaningless work to the point that my hand hurts, the pile of reports never end. They are like white walkers, you kill one and 10 more come.

After that point, I just have no energy to stay back to clear meaningless deadlines.

I am exhausted.

My week

Started with more works and deadlines in the office. Scanning doesn’t work. Have to cancel and redo some rubbish work that ex staff left behind because of IT issue.

Feeling sick. Legs were painful. Woke up with sore throat.

Father throwing tantrums because can’t be discharged from hospital.

Insomnia. Took half day leave because sleep deprived and nauseous. Also too tired to face the mounting work. Tried to sleep and ended with headache. Need medicine to rest.

Finally, on Friday, father is discharged from hospital. What a relief.

Woke up at 7am on Saturday morning 😡 when I can sleep all I want. Couldn’t go back to bed. However, have a great Community Day for Bagon. Beautiful sunset at Vivo.

Sunday, finally exhausted from work, hospital and Pokemon. Have breakfast at 9am and went back to bed and woke up at 12.20pm. Without leg pains ! Light chi ball exercise for 30 mins before I headed for late lunch.

Feeling drowsy the whole day, now at 11.30pm, feeling fully awake.


So sick of going to hospital. Dread visiting.

Environment is peaceful, beautiful with view of awesome sunset.

But, I don’t want to be there.

Another dream

During one of the weekdays, I dreamt that my office finally have a gym.

The gym is spacious, equipment is new and the entire place looked really great. I was so happy that i can cycled indoor as cycling was recommended for physiotherapy.

Then, I woke up.


Used to take omega 3 pills but discontinued when I finished all of them after more than half a year. Stop taking them because I am having glucosamine, calcium, hydraulic acids and collagen drinks.

Was feeling happy on Thursday that my legs weren’t as painful as before even after long walk and climbing stairs (because escalators to the MRT is under repairs).

And then, I woke up on Friday morning with strong pain on my right leg, which didn’t go away with anti-inflammatory medicine + painkillers.

Stationery cycling on both Saturday and Sunday for physiotherapy. Also, need to eat more fish for my diet even thought I don’t particularly like fish. But I dislike pain more.