My week

Started with more works and deadlines in the office. Scanning doesn’t work. Have to cancel and redo some rubbish work that ex staff left behind because of IT issue.

Feeling sick. Legs were painful. Woke up with sore throat.

Father throwing tantrums because can’t be discharged from hospital.

Insomnia. Took half day leave because sleep deprived and nauseous. Also too tired to face the mounting work. Tried to sleep and ended with headache. Need medicine to rest.

Finally, on Friday, father is discharged from hospital. What a relief.

Woke up at 7am on Saturday morning 😡 when I can sleep all I want. Couldn’t go back to bed. However, have a great Community Day for Bagon. Beautiful sunset at Vivo.

Sunday, finally exhausted from work, hospital and Pokemon. Have breakfast at 9am and went back to bed and woke up at 12.20pm. Without leg pains ! Light chi ball exercise for 30 mins before I headed for late lunch.

Feeling drowsy the whole day, now at 11.30pm, feeling fully awake.



So sick of going to hospital. Dread visiting.

Environment is peaceful, beautiful with view of awesome sunset.

But, I don’t want to be there.

Another dream

During one of the weekdays, I dreamt that my office finally have a gym.

The gym is spacious, equipment is new and the entire place looked really great. I was so happy that i can cycled indoor as cycling was recommended for physiotherapy.

Then, I woke up.


Used to take omega 3 pills but discontinued when I finished all of them after more than half a year. Stop taking them because I am having glucosamine, calcium, hydraulic acids and collagen drinks.

Was feeling happy on Thursday that my legs weren’t as painful as before even after long walk and climbing stairs (because escalators to the MRT is under repairs).

And then, I woke up on Friday morning with strong pain on my right leg, which didn’t go away with anti-inflammatory medicine + painkillers.

Stationery cycling on both Saturday and Sunday for physiotherapy. Also, need to eat more fish for my diet even thought I don’t particularly like fish. But I dislike pain more.


Last week I have a nightmare about work, and was relieved it was just a bad dream. .

This week, went to bed before 12 midnight on Friday, which is rare for me. But I was feeling tired from medication over my leg pain and busy work day. Was so busy that my phone was still more than 80% charged since Thursday’s night. Then, I woke up from another nightmare. Except that this time, it wasn’t just a dream. My mum woke me up to call an ambulance at around 12 midnight to bring my father to hospital. Only returned at 5am and immediately went to bed. Woke up at 11am with a headache and need Panadol. Then, went to hospital to visit my father.

What a weekend.


Woke up from another nightmare about office.

Dreamt that we are shifting office from one corner to another. Before that, nobody told me about it. Was clearing work and moving office at the same time.

Have to move my own laptop to a corner near a door, where everyone will pass by.

Then, someone whom I don’t know, but apparently is part of my dept now because of an reorganisation that I am unaware, accused me that I did not clear current work for a portfolio that I have passed to another colleague many years back.

I was grumbling to myself that everyone just placed their backpack, bags etc behind my desk, and how am I going to place my small cabinet. At this point, I realise that I have to push my cabinet over.

I ran to look for my cabinet without telling anyone but could not find it. I was crying when I passed by the messenger that came by the office everyday.

In real life, the cabinet has document of customers because I am worry that I will lose them if I put them on my desk.

I ran three times to look for my cabinet. By then, the route to the old office is transformed to an cafe that also sell newspapers. I have to queue up to enter the old office. But I cannot find my cabinet. Informed a woman who seemed to be helping out that I lost my cabinet. She was bringing me to look for it, but from her facial expression, it looked like a lost cause. By then, I was so frustrated and told her that there were important documents in my cabinet, how can they clear the place without checking.

Then, I woke up. Firstly, a relief that it was a dream. Secondly, feeling angry that all the frustration I felt is real even in a dream.

Reminded myself again not to let the genuine bad feeling of a bad dream of office lingers on.

Please let me have some sweet dreams.


I walked, dance and stretch. However, there is no fix routine.

My body is not as toned before when I went to gym, yoga, Pilates and Zumba classes.

I have late dinner after long office at work and I just want to lie on bed after back home. I was never thin before, but at least I can see the muscles and the curvy waist. Now, it is just fat.

Have to start a exercise routine.

Monday : 1 minute plank

Tuesday: 100 times glute exercise

Wednesday: weights – 100 times

Thursday: leg lifts – 100 each

Friday : standing sit-ups [50 each side]

Saturday- 100 sit-ups

Sunday : hundreds from pilates