Feeling very empty for the past week. Working, watching shows and reading books as usual but feeling very hollow inside.

When I am not overly obsessed about a show, an actor, a book or a game, I have this feeling. All these obsessions distract me from my so call life.

My brain is full of mundane thoughts but my soul is sucked in a black hole.



Learning to eat slowly. I am a fast eater, it take a lot of conscious effort to eat slowly. Supposed to be good for weight control.

Having more salads for meal. My body is giving me lots of signals that I have to take good care of it.

Eating avocados, for healthy heart and anti-inflammation on the joints.

Putting facial mask for hydration of the skin.

Stretching. Excercise without putting too much stress on the joints.

Drinking green tea. Supposed to be good relief for Arthritis.

Cycling. Therapeutic, exercise without hurting the joints.

Reading. A lifelong habit. Used to be a fast reader. Now, I just read slowly.

Smile. There are days that I can’t smile. Learning to smile even if I can’t.

Sleep. I didn’t want to go to sleep to face the grinding work the next day. Must sleep for health.


From 6 Aug 2016 to 17 September 2019, from the 1st Pokemon, Charmander to the 151st pokemon, Kangaskhan, I completed my pokedex for Kanto region.

I may or may not complete the Pokédex for 2nd generations onwards, I will not have the tremendous joy of

~ taking AR photos of Pikachu in the small park near my house, the park was crowded for a few weeks

~catching both Gyrados and Lapras together with a very large crowd of strangers,

~ walking in slippers to a park getting a Snorlax with just a hope that I might get it,

~got a Lickitung when I least expected,

~caught Chansey after it eluded me for one and a half month,

~ took taxi just to get a Farfetch’d when overseas,

~ the excitement of legendary raid for Articuno and Lugia,

~ raiding in the rain with hope of getting ex raid pass for Mew Two, and getting two on same day; and

~ getting 10 coins per day for Gym battle or training before they changed the gym system. I missed the old gym.



I周刊今天最後一期。從前身的電視周刊到今天的I-weekly, 跨越了三十多年, 但敵不過時代的轉變。不捨每個周日一邊喝咖啡一邊翻雜誌的小確幸。日後,在網上見。


Can’t sleep. Feeling disturbed that people I knew who openly and vocally discriminate and criminalise against homosexuality. And they call themselves the silent majority when they are so loud.

It is usually the religious folk who preached about loving everyone, not casting stone. The more you talk about how great your creator is, the more despicable you are when you violently ostracise a group of people because of their sexuality.

Can’t vent this above in real life, so have to blog about it.


Another month just passed by ….

Health wise, leg wasn’t as painful before but hand is getting painful from typing. Overworked burnout Asian.

My leg wasn’t painful, probably because I didn’t walk as much before. Barely hit 10,000 steps on most days. Partly busy, partly avoiding the sun.

Gaining weight because of inactivity and binged eating.

Still playing Pokemon but it is feeling like tasks rather than hobby. Barely touch piano tiles nowadays.

Spent $$$ on online shopping. But, so far, I am liking and using the stuff that I bought. Also, been buying many products to protect face such as moisturiser, mist, screen protectors.

Managed to read two books despite being busy.

Also, stepped into the cinema for the first time this year to watch Crazy Rich Asian. The best part of the movie is the first 5 minuets .

Have an extremely short vacation doing nothing.

  • Next month, need to eat healthily, sleep more and exercise more. Taking care of myself instead of pouring myself into never ending work.
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