From 6 Aug 2016 to 17 September 2019, from the 1st Pokemon, Charmander to the 151st pokemon, Kangaskhan, I completed my pokedex for Kanto region.

I may or may not complete the Pokédex for 2nd generations onwards, I will not have the tremendous joy of

~ taking AR photos of Pikachu in the small park near my house, the park was crowded for a few weeks

~catching both Gyrados and Lapras together with a very large crowd of strangers,

~ walking in slippers to a park getting a Snorlax with just a hope that I might get it,

~got a Lickitung when I least expected,

~caught Chansey after it eluded me for one and a half month,

~ took taxi just to get a Farfetch’d when overseas,

~ the excitement of legendary raid for Articuno and Lugia,

~ raiding in the rain with hope of getting ex raid pass for Mew Two, and getting two on same day; and

~ getting 10 coins per day for Gym battle or training before they changed the gym system. I missed the old gym.


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